Domenica 20 - 1:00

Palazzina Liberty - Piano Center Notturno

Largo Marinai d'Italia 1

Quartiere: Porta Vittoria

Guillaume Poncelet

contemporanea, musiche originali, pop, elettronica
Autori: G. Poncelet

Un concerto ispirato al suo recente album "88", suonato in piano solo, insieme a nuovi brani inediti e parti di improvvisazione influenzate da Keith Jarrett.


1 - Morning Roots
2 - Duty
3 - Reverse
4 - Gus Song
5 - Homo Erectus
6 - Le Cahier
7 - Après
8 - Au Bout Du Souffle
9 - Derrière La Porte
10 - Teano
11 - L'ennui
12 - Iceberg
13 - Othello
14 - The Two Of Me

Guillaume Poncelet has made successful career out of working with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, Ayo, Thomas Azier, MC Solaar, C2C, Hocus Pocus, Gaël Faye, Ben Mazué and many more.... In January 2018, Guillaume released his long-awaited first solo album "88". Fourteen moving and intimate melodies played on upright piano that open the creative possibilities of the future.


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