This year, once again, pianos will invade houses, yards, stations, roofs, farmsteads, museums, schools, libraries, laboratories, parks. Music won't stop from the sunset to the dawn and from the dawn until the sunset in a continuous love declaration for the piano, its music and for the city of Milan.

2018. Vita di quartiere
In these last seven years, like a kaleidoscope, we changed and shaped ourselves to give voice to the music and to the most surprising urban sites. 2018 edition wants to tell about these five years of changes throughout Milan. A two-day&night journey from the centre to the suburbs on the notes of our pianos spread in the best spaces telling the story of the city from historical locations to new areas.

House concerts and Yards
Milanese people open the doors of their houses and the gates of their yards creating a social and sharing occasion. Someone prepares some sneak or a tea and an unusual listening experience to live together.

Diffuse concerts
Piano City Milano means bringing music everywhere, above all in areas which normally don't host any concert, turning the visual fields upside down and turning Milano into a great concert hall. Pianos will be hosted by the most characteristic Milanese corners thanks to City Concerts, produced and ideated by Piano City Milano for its audience. The Guest Concerts are all those appointments which are self-produced, proposed and organized by various realities such as schools and associations. For the little ones (from 0 to 12) Piano Kids: events, workshops and lessons for children.

Once upon a time...

December 16, 2011. It was an icy winter night

At caserma Mascheroni, a music marathon played by 30 pianists was the prelude of Piano City Milano

A few months later, in May, 2012, Piano Twelve, Vinicio Capossela and a “rain-soaked” piano opened the first Piano City Milano event. For the first time ever, many citizens opened the door of their homes to host a concert and invited the people of Milan to enjoy a new kind of listening and socializing experience.
Following the same method, through the years we wandered around town looking for new and unusual ways to describe the city: thanks to this vision, pianos got on trams and climbed up roofs, they rode through town on piano-bikes and boats played music as they sailed along the Navigli.
Once again this year, pianos will take over homes, courtyards, train stations, trams, boats, museums, parks and schools, and they will turn Milan into a single, huge open-air stage.

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