This website contains the instructions on how to trace from one up to infinite paths across Milan and its neighborhoods. Follow the compass of your curiousity, unveil the map of locations of our festival's seventh edition, discover the over fifty hours’ worth of music and four hundred concerts on offer.

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Nowhere / Marino Formenti

Dal 7 al 20 maggio
Atelier Santeria Social Club, viale Toscana 31 - Milano

Artista visionario, Marino Formenti è un pianista e direttore d’orchestra di fama internazionale. In una performance che indaga lo scorrere e la condivisione del tempo e il suo rapporto con la musica, Formenti passa giorni interi seduto al pianoforte: suona, mangia, vive e dorme nello stesso spazio, che gli spettatori sono invitati ad abitare...

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7th edition

Infinite musical paths across Milan and its neighborhoods

Milan stands out for its overflowing rhythm typical of a great European metropolis. It is a city with many hands and many hearts, the crucial centre of change, the cultural capital that never looses sight of its vocational goals of integration and openness. The challenge for Piano City Milano is to closely mimic the city that hosts it, to keep up with its tempo and to reinvent itself with new ideas and projects. Just like Milan itself, Piano City Milano aims to be a festival open to everyone, participative, engaging and an opportunity for all to meet and share a unique experience.

This seventh edition stands out because of its music contents, the projects and original approach. It has only one tradition: change. Once more, this year the collaboration with our many cultural and institutional partners, alongside companies and associations active in the area, has allowed us to invade the whole city with music. This year we have really overdone ourselves: for the first time our pianists go beyond the city limits, holding concerts across the province and the region, going beyond geographical boundaries and yet remaining central to the spirit of the festival.

In the following pages you will find a guide, a compass, a pilot book that will help you to choose among the countless events and to map out your personal route made up of concerts, piano lessons, tributes to great maestros, new productions, mobile or stationary pianists - all revolving around that magnificent "apparatus - world" the festival is named after.

The name says it all: Piano for it pays homage to the instrument and music, City because it has the electrifying atmosphere of a metropolis and Milano since it finds its unmatched human dimension in the districts, homes, courtyards, parks and all the other beloved or unusual locations which are the perfect stage for socialization and participation. Piano City Milano 2018 is but a small indie festival with great ambitions: you are the real stars, your sparkle is what makes the impossible happen and the incredible real.

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